What do you get when you cross a self proclaimed philosopher, an ADHD sufferer, a millennial with 3rd world experience, and a guy that likes to keep everything on the surface?

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Hug A Bum, Save A Lice

Episode #538 Before you say anything...YES, I know the singular of Lice is louse. But Hug A Bum, Save A Louse would be an awful title. So...Jamie Mack won't let…

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Mt Rushmore Of Tolerance

Episode #537 Two wheeled perfection. Two wheeled something. No matter what it isn't a three-legged anything. We are missing one, but that means we are more agile. How do we…

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Episode #536 People that speak about themselves in 3rd person are not good people. I wanted to say something else but this post is PG-13. Jaye Smooth is always referring…

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