Where Two Or More Are Gathered #TNNS458

https://flic.kr/p/2e4NFqN It's PREMIUmmhhm... Episode #458 French Reggy still can't talk hold notes. Jaye Smooth still needs a life coach. Mack and I are just along for the ride today. Mack…

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Surviving The Nonsense #TNNS457

Episode #457 No matter which version of social media you use, you are bombarded with R Kelly fallout. But let's get to the behaviors of this thing. Are we hypocritical?…

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What We Learned 2018

We try to go back and remember the things we learned this year. Sadly, our attention span is very short. Happy New Year...2018 is in the rearview.

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Non-Toxic Nonsense #TNNS456

https://flic.kr/p/2dVk6Gg Episode #456 If you listen to this show, you know that French Reggy prides himself on his basketball prowess. Too bad he lost to an old guy. Jamie Mack…

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