Half of my life is sports…what?

You thought I wasn’t about to TALK THAT ISH about sports to y’all?

It’s open run…pick your squad, suit up or shut up! Opinions, facts, and slander.

Stay tuned for Open Run with BTG.

Team Shoot Vs. Team Lockdown

Open Run Episode #140 Still no official decision on basketball returning, but I came across 2 custom rosters that started a convo this week. Let’s break down those rosters and…

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Easy Breesy

Open Run Episode #138 Drew Brees was expected to speak up on the latest events. We just didn’t think it would be from a side we’ve been fighting against. Roger…

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Player Guidance

Open Run Episode #137 I think sports can help shape a child in a major way but I don’t think sports is the main reason why kids act up in…

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Open Run Episode #136 We already know the true feelings between Zeke and MJ. Bringing out old differences doesn’t really impact the future...let them 2 old cats fight. And if…

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73 vs 72

Open Run Episode #135 A lot  folks label the Chicago Bulls one of the greatest teams of all time. The 2016 Golden State Warriors had something to say about that.…

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Attitude Adjustment

Open Run Episode #134 Scottie was arguably the 2nd most important piece to that Bulls franchise, but he was far from perfect...Just like MJ. Attitude Adjustment #Open134 Support the network…

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Air Human

Open Run Episode #133 I break down more of the human side of MJ and touch on his frustrations with being the most polarizing person on the planet. Air Human…

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Open Run Episode #132 The NFL draft happened. I was pleased with the outcome of my raiders picks, but I did have some concerns. High grade overall. The Bulls/MJ doc…

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Pippen Ain’t Easy

Open Run Episode #131 The Lehman brothers and I pick up that Last Dance content. A lot of behind the scene stories. Full of drama. We dig into the first…

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