Half of my life is sports…what?

You thought I wasn’t about to TALK THAT ISH about sports to y’all?

It’s open run…pick your squad, suit up or shut up! Opinions, facts, and slander.

Stay tuned for Open Run with BTG.


Open Run Episode #150 As the playoffs continue, so does life. My Lakers closed out a scrappy Portland team but took the back seat to a few sudden deaths. Some…

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Must Watch TV

Open Run Episode #149 Salute to Kobe day!!! I rank my top playoff matchups in the 1st round. And break down the last 3 matchups between my Lakers and Blazers.…

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1st Team All NBA Bubble

Open Run Episode #148 Jusblaze from the Above the Rim podcast steps inside the gym, and discusses why Harden needs to get out of the 1st round. Why OKC will…

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Bubble Up

Open Run Episode #147 Dame and TJ Warren out here set trippin. My Lakers are slow dragging and the playoffs are here! Let’s see how this unfolds. Bubble Up #Open147…

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Bubble Vibes

Open Run Episode #146 Johnathan Issac set the internet off with his religion stance. Shortly after that he suffered a possible season ending injury. Zion is still on limited playing…

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Lou Wings

Open Run Episode #145 I’m still trying to figure out how the NBA is trying to get the COVID threat under control in the bubble. Players using non personal, but…

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Coney Island Experience

Open Run Episode #144 I had to take a step back and really analyze the journey Stephon Marbury was a part of. Separating his career from his everyday life. Realizing…

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Role Call

Open Run Episode #143 Rondo is down for at least 2 months and no Avery Bradley. The narrative going into this restart is, this championship wouldn’t count. Well, why not? …

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Money Makin MaHomes

Open Run Episode #142 Pat Mahomes broke the banks! $503,000,000 for the next 10yrs. The chiefs locked in on their cornerstone. Only time will tell if this history making investment…

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Killa Cam

Open Run Episode #141 My boy Hympe from the OLF podcast chimes in on the latest NBA issues. Kap got a series on Netflix coming up, but still no job…

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