Half of my life is sports…what?

You thought I wasn’t about to TALK THAT ISH about sports to y’all?

It’s open run…pick your squad, suit up or shut up! Opinions, facts, and slander.

Stay tuned for Open Run with BTG.


Open Run Episode #132 The NFL draft happened. I was pleased with the outcome of my raiders picks, but I did have some concerns. High grade overall. The Bulls/MJ doc…

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Pippen Ain’t Easy

Open Run Episode #131 The Lehman brothers and I pick up that Last Dance content. A lot of behind the scene stories. Full of drama. We dig into the first…

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Throwback Nation

Open Run Episode #130 I’m on the hunt for classic hall of fame jerseys. During this quarantine time, I’ve been going through my closet. I’m on a journey to collect…

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Point Guard Valley Edition

Open Run Episode #128 I break down random categories for some of my favorite PG’s, past and present. The cream of the crop at the hardwood QB position. Point Guard…

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What Matters The Most

Open Run Episode #127 The debates will never die down. The fuel for most of the debates is the jewelry these superstars accumulate through history. We have a lot of…

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Forced Opportunity

Open Run Episode #126 The shut down of not just the NBA league but all the leagues across the board. We’re looking at a continuing journey taking place in the…

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Narrative Nation

Open Run Episode #125 Not much of a UFC Fan but UFC248 was pretty eventful. The Lakers had 3 important games since last Tuesday. Starting off with Philly, Milwaukee, and…

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Crown Criticism

Open Run Episode #124 Zion has taken over the spotlight. His impact has shifted from potential pedestrian to almost a shoo-in for top 5 of all time. At least that’s…

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Pay Per New

Open Run Episode #123 The NBA trade deadline forces cats to side with the clippers. The world is claiming that Pat MaHomes is the greatest QB we’ve ever seen. Is…

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