Half of my life is sports…what?

You thought I wasn’t about to TALK THAT ISH about sports to y’all?

It’s open run…pick your squad, suit up or shut up! Opinions, facts, and slander.

Stay tuned for Open Run with BTG.

Perfect Playoff Matchups

Episode #102 I’m bypassing the whole entire season and picking my perfect matchups for this year’s playoffs. A lot of expectations caused by roster changes. Now it’s time to lock…

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Slim Pickings Week 3

Episode #101 Chicago Bears Defense held it down for me fantasy wise but because Green Bays offensive coordinator couldn’t acknowledge Jimmy Graham on the field at all this past Sunday...I…

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Week 2

Episode #100 It’s only been 2 weeks and we’ve lost 3 hall of fame QB’s to injuries and performances. Father Time is on the way. Closer than we think. It’s…

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Week 1

Episode #99 AB finessed his way to New England. And week 1 in the NFL shows how the gridiron gang is still the #1 sport in America. Week 1 #Open099

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All Eyez On QBs

Episode #98 I highlighted 2 QB’s this episode and my personal expectations for them this upcoming season. Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr are the first up for criticism. All Eyez…

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More Offseason

Episode #97 DH12 is back and is now DH39? Booker complains about double teams in pick up ball and Andrew Lick said at 29, I’m outta here folks.  More Offseason…

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The Culture vs The NFL

Episode #96 We lost another human this year. Cedric Benson R.I.P. My lakers need a replacement for Boogie and the world was caught by surprised by S. Carters latest move.…

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What Happened?

Episode #95 Even though I was on the opposite side of the country, I still felt like I grew up with Sebastian Telfair. That grinding kid from Brooklyn who’s main…

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Eye Test vs Stats #Open093

Episode #93 Stats do not always tell the story. Sometimes the greatest might not be the leader in the major categories, but that’s not the case with Jerry Rice. Moss…

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