Black isn’t really a race. But if it were, who would win? KingKunta and B-Honest go Head to Head on today’s issues from two sides of the same coin.

Nothing is black and white.

Trump Sips The Peach-Mint Tea

Episode #59 Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have seen the look in the Democrats eyes. Their canines have blood on them and thy are going back…

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Blow The Whistle Like 6-9

Episode #58 Even though my Falcons didnt win this week, we manage to get through a football conversation thanks to the flamboyant Wide Receiver combo. OBJ and AB made news…

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Sassy And Gay

Episode #57 Whether mentally impaired or not, AB has shown that his football is not affected by his off-field exploits. He may be going down for sexual misconduct, but not…

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The Patriots vs The Taliban

Episode #56 Football Kickoff Sunday and many teams have already fallen off the forecasted path. But no player or team is off more that Antonio Brown. He may be a…

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A More Convenient Raid #BOBS54

Episode #54 Shorter is obviously better. Kunta admits that I would be better suited for a Cross-Fit Championship than he would. I believe this is true in life overall. But…

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