Black isn’t really a race. But if it were, who would win? KingKunta and B-Honest go Head to Head on today’s issues from two sides of the same coin.

Nothing is black and white.

Unchecked Balances #BoBs004

Episode #4 Supreme is the only way I like my pizza and my courts. King Kunta knows far more about the politics of the legal system, but that has never stopped…

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Rate The Racism #BoBs003

Episode #3 KingKunta is fresh off a car wreck and is hopped up on meds. But that doesn't stop the fun. Today's show is evidence of the madness. We move…

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Oh Say Can You Kneel #BoBs001

Episode #1 KingKunta is happy to announce the death of Aubrey Graham. He believes that now is the time to pay respects to the family and start a GoFundMe account…

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Fake Woke – Black On Both Sides

Please forgive our audio this week. I wasn't able to record and KingKunta saved us by recording on his own. KingKunta has had enough of the "woke" crowd. Consistency has…

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