Black isn’t really a race. But if it were, who would win? KingKunta and B-Honest go Head to Head on today’s issues from two sides of the same coin.

Nothing is black and white.

Trial With Teeth

Black On Both Sides Episode #69 Pelosi holds the articles. But as it turns out it was for the best. Doing so has literally opened the flood gates of new…

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Impeachment On Pause

Episode #68 The NFL playoffs are officially here. J Cole has new music but sadly, Amethyst has nothing coming. I share why I love her fake voice and Kunta continues…

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New Year New You

Episode #67 Kunta got the best gift for Christmas...Love. After years and years of support, he get paid for all of his support in a character building event. This is…

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Guaranteed Fraud

Episode #61 Tatiana was just playing video games In her home and was killed for doing so. Her neighbor saw her doors open and lights on and called the police…

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