Week 2

Episode #100 It’s only been 2 weeks and we’ve lost 3 hall of fame QB’s to injuries and performances. Father Time is on the way. Closer than we think. It’s…

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Week 1

Episode #99 AB finessed his way to New England. And week 1 in the NFL shows how the gridiron gang is still the #1 sport in America. Week 1 #Open099

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All Eyez On QBs

Episode #98 I highlighted 2 QB’s this episode and my personal expectations for them this upcoming season. Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr are the first up for criticism. All Eyez…

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More Offseason

Episode #97 DH12 is back and is now DH39? Booker complains about double teams in pick up ball and Andrew Lick said at 29, I’m outta here folks.  More Offseason…

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The Culture vs The NFL

Episode #96 We lost another human this year. Cedric Benson R.I.P. My lakers need a replacement for Boogie and the world was caught by surprised by S. Carters latest move.…

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What Happened?

Episode #95 Even though I was on the opposite side of the country, I still felt like I grew up with Sebastian Telfair. That grinding kid from Brooklyn who’s main…

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Layup Lineup #Open094

Episode #94 We live in a era where a father can support his son too much. The overreaction is at an all time high. Not only is there a complaint…

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Eye Test vs Stats #Open093

Episode #93 Stats do not always tell the story. Sometimes the greatest might not be the leader in the major categories, but that’s not the case with Jerry Rice. Moss…

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The Roots Of Hoops #Open092

Episode #92 Street ball is at the roots of almost every players career. The battle grounds; The cage; The streets. Whatever you want to label it. Make your own calls!…

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Shots Fired #Open091

Episode #91 Why cats mad at the lakers? Every single move made won’t work, they say. The clippers are the team to beat? Houston added extra fire power? The adjustments…

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