Dame Bu$ks

Open Run Episode #309 Dame was finally traded to the Bucks but for a core piece that helped with the championship run. 12 Kyle sends in his questions for this…

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Prime ODDS

Open Run Episode #305 The real opening season took place last weekend. Prime, UCLA, USC, and God knows what happened to Clemson. College football has officially kicked off with the…

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Electric Openers

Open Run Episode #304 College technically started last Saturday but the headliners are starting memorial weekend. Also. let’s pay homage to the most electrifying college players of all time. I’m…

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Open Run Episode #302 Football is back. Fantasy rosters and preseason predictions. Classic documentaries and movies based off lies? What a time to be alive. Footballing #Open302

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Glass Joe

Open Run Episode #301 While out on vacation, there was a baseball fight, Women’s USA soccer team lost, a lot of Austin Reaves content, and yes…Lebron had the headlines again.…

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