Most Valuable Patience

Open Run Episode #117 We seriously can’t hold our young stars accountable for every single L that they take. Especially in football where there are 11 men on the field.…

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Changing History

Episode #116 The Caruso train has officially started. Gotta love it. A little bit of NFL playoffs, of course a little Lakers talk, and let’s not forget about the main…

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The Kuzma Experience

Episode #115 With a small championship window my Lakers are looking like we need Kuz to be on his murder game this season. Well, it hasn’t been that way. He’s…

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We Need Help

Episode #114 My Lakers are on a 3 game losing streak. Big Christmas matchup win should stop that bleeding. The Raiders are no longer in Oakland but can give Oakland…

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Carr Wrecked

Episode #113 Lakers still rolling!!! Stop kicking at Draymond. Pats got caught cheating again again lol. Josh Gordon suspended again again lol and ...the last game at the coliseum didn’t…

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I’m Sorry Brees

Episode #112 I left Brees on the bench in the first round of the fantasy playoffs. The lakers are still on a roll but my raiders decided to take Sunday…

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Realistic Fantasy

Episode #111 Both my Raiders and Lakers took a beating this past weekend. Might’ve closed the playoffs picture for my optimistic Raiders. Speaking of playoffs, fantasy football playoffs starts this…

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MVP Talk

Episode #110 My raiders got spanked in New York. UCLA can’t figure out what a win streak is. The Lakers on the other hand have the hottest win streak in…

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Melo Experiment 19

Episode #109 Melo to Portland, Mason to crying, Kaep to Questionable, and how about those damn raiders?!?!?!?? Melo Experiment 19 #Open109

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Edibles Load Management

Episode #108 Dion Waiters overdosed on the gummies. Bron criticism towards AAU. My raiders pick up an important W!!! My lakers played well during the week days…but this past Sunday…

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