Prius, Swingers, & Jacuzzi Adventures

Episode #118 The past 2 Saturdays have been very entertaining. From car troubles, to sexual fantasy talks. Random things happen on a normal basis. And there’s a lot more to…

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The Evolution Of Baylor

Episode #117 I break down each level I’ve had in life...typical journey through the eyes of Baylor.  The Evolution Of Baylor #B4P119

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Jacuzzi Meetings

Episode #116 Wine is the main base for the influence. A jacuzzi and a open mind leads to a better understanding to any question. Welcome to the our office.  Jacuzzi…

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Elderly Thots

Episodes #115 I was high as Gods eyes again. This time inside Raquels Jazz lounge with the wife. Enjoyed some great live music from a 19yr old and floated while…

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Joke’s On You

Episode #113 I’ve worked in the heart of skid row (The Disneyland for the homeless people). I currently work with adults with disabilities. The amount of people I’ve spoken to…

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Are We In The Hood???

Episode #113 The LJ’s aka The Nesbitts came through and had a double date in LA with the Taylor Gang! A few laughs, a few high moments, and then Hollywood.…

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Episode #112 I almost lost a loved one and won a personal accomplishment all in the same day. The emotional wave continues to, tears, and awards. Be thankful! Thankful…

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Ordinary Pain

Episode #111 My sleep paralysis kicked in again. And I thought he was a mass shooter...and I froze up. A 3 day roller coaster lol.  Ordinary Pain #B4P111

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Medium Ugly

Episode #110 I somewhat phone pranked my boy, Smoove but it ended up being a full on episode about sex robots, medium ugly people, and coffee dates. I think we…

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