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Your Marriage Is Doomed Because Women Have Rights #TNNS50

Jaye Smooth starts off the 50th show with an announcement of how lucky he feels to have made it this far. This is completely shared by us all. Who would have thought that we would make it to 50 shows? As I look through the iTunes store at other podcasts, I see so many that never even made it to 50. Their last published show was months ago. We made it this far. I plan to make it much farther. I know that we are still growing as a team and building our chemistry. Even still, I agree with Jaye Smooth (even though I picked at him on the show for this). This has been an amazing few months. We all went from never doing any show or radio work, to hosting 50 shows and nearing 5,000 downloads.

What you guys don’t get to hear is that Jaye Smooth tried to bring a new segment to the show. We record it but then realize halfway through that it is plagiarism. As I am deleting it and rejecting it from the show, Jaye Smooth gets really upset and threatens to quit the show. He refuses to participate in this week’s Fatten Jaye Up With Knowledge segment because we didn’t want to include his idea. You may hear reference to this as the show comes back from break.

A-Love joins us on this show to discuss a couple of marriage issues. We delve into what it takes to make a good marriage. For the most pa, t everyone agrees that communication, trust, and sacrifice are the foundations. But you will be surprised to hear the other elements that we come up with.

B Honest mentions that marriage has started to get a bad rap. This topic seems like it will go well until B Honest digs into his male chauvinistic bag and pulls out a whammy. This is backed up by O Dub and begins the meat of the show. A-Love takes a stand for all womankind (well, sort-of).

To end the show-off, The team discusses how old is too old for a man to be in the club trying to score a woman.



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