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Your Kid Is Not That Talented So Stop Telling Them They Can Be Anything #TNNS64

Guest Kit is back in the house.


Jamie Mack starts off the show talking about friendly fire. Although we cannot speak of the details that led to him committing Mack On Mack crime (The case is still in legal loophole), We can tell you the results. Jamie Mack shot himself in the hand with a BB gun. This nut decides that he had a brilliant idea and called me up to suggest that we cut the BB out live on the show. Using much better and sober judgment. I turn him away. So Jamie Mack decides that he wants to at least film it and put it up on our Twitter. Luckily this idea was squashed by his wife. We do have video and pictures, but they are far less graphic than it could have been because she convinced him to go the hospital to have this done by a trained professional. Jump over to our blogs to see the crime. Video     Pictures


We read our new 5 Star Rating on iTunes. We really appreciate it, DiscoStew and we will definitely spread our affiliate coupon link. You can go to http://freshdeadstock.comand enter NONONSENSE  to receive 20% off your order.

Jaye Smooth receives another voicemail from LaShá. In an effort to continue supporting LaShá calls back in with words of wisdom. Jaye finds his loose string to pull. LaShay chooses a word that is hard to figure out. Jaye Smooth invites LaShá to be fattened up alongside him.


Jaye Smooth battles a medicinally drugged up Jamie mack on No Nonsense Bible Trivia. I figure that since I am always being called an atheist, I would use the Bible as the source of questioning this week. I really need you to listen to see how well these Christian Heathens do.


Next, I give you guys a glimpse into the cheap world of Jamie Mack. We went out to eat with his family and witnessed Jamie Mack leave a 3 dollar tip on a more than fifty dollar tab. Fronting him on the show was obviously a bad idea. He gets pretty defensive and tries to argue that he is like the Steve Buscemi character in Reservoir Dogs when it comes to tipping. Moral of the story is that servers should not expect a tip from black people.


Raising children is very difficult. Today’s parents and society have chosen to build every kid up to be anything they want to be. Is this dangerous? Are we preparing our kids for success by allowing everyone on the little league baseball team to get a trophy? At some point, don’t we need to be accountable for suiting our children for the proper direction to travel? We disagree about whether or not you should raise your kids in reality, or tell them they can be anything that they put their mind to.


Jaye Smooth brings up whether or not your girlfriend should or should not have your best friends phone number. Does your woman need to have an all-access pass to your friend? Is this a form of controlling you? Now she can call your friend to check on your lies.


Friendly Advice wraps the show-up. Jaye Smooth continues his Tips for Spring. Remember ladies, the views expressed by Jaye Smooth do not represent the views of the other hosts on the show....


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