Your Girl’s Male Best Friend Wants To Have Sex #TNNS396

Episode #396

Jaye Smooth is the king of visual comedy. Too bad we are on an audio-only podcast. I guess that means the world will never know his comedic genius. Nonetheless, He decides to go on a roast session for things you as listeners will never be able to appreciate. Jamie Mack is missing again. But we hold it down for our lost brother until he returns.

We use a topic from one of our listeners. She wrote in asking what the limits are for an opposite-sex best friend. Combine that with being in a relationship while having an opposite-sex best do the rules change? French Reggy and Jaye Smooth basically make it impossible for my wife to ever have a male best friend in the future. If we go by the two guys' experiences, your girl's male best friend definitely wants to have sex with your girl....


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