You are currently viewing Your Girlfriend Already Knows Her Next Boyfriend #TNNS98 with guest O Dubb

Your Girlfriend Already Knows Her Next Boyfriend #TNNS98 with guest O Dubb

Voicemail from Chake discussion
Jamie Mack vs Jaye Smooth in TNNS Trivia
Women always have a boyfriend backup plan
Is auto-erotic sex play acceptable for guys

 We start the show off hearing a voicemail from listener, Chake. She wants to weigh in on black women not being the sole cause for black men being raised effeminate. Even after hearing her perspective, there still needs to be attention paid to the process of finding a dad for your son.
 We bring back No Nonsense Trivia pitting Jamie Mack against Jaye Smooth. Any idea who will win?
 Next, we talk about women having a backup plan if you and her break up. Is this a form of cheating? How many guys do women keep on reserve? Is it surprising how quickly women jump back into a relationship? Is there a way to combat this while it is happening?
 Truth be told, all women have at least two dudes waiting in the wings. You will never see him until he is on deck.
 Jamie Mack had a conversation with his wife about autoerotic sex play. Of course, he feels like it is acceptable for women. But what about for guys?...


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