You Will Never Be A Millionaire

The No Nonsense Show Episode #555 First show of the year just happens to be a premium. Even more reason for you to sign up for a premium subscription. This is the death of me agreeing with Smooth. Keeping up with that subject, I let the guys know what their chances of dying certain ways are. You need to know your death statistics.

Black people are known for minding their business...SIKE. But it sure is funny how white people are constantly joked for their inability to let you discipline your kids in public...or have a barbecue in a public park. Well, I want to know what black people are willing to not mind their business for. We reached out the Slack room for assistance.

For the beginning of the year, I want to go ahead and set proper expectations for you. If you are not currently a millionaire, you will never be one.

You Will Never Be A Millionaire #TNNS555

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