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You Were A One Night Stand Because Your Sex Was Wack #TNS117

Death by Volkswagen
Rat Meat in Chinese Food
Amber Rose making sluts happy
Cursing Children

Jamie Mack wants to discuss how Volkswagen plans to kill all Americans by emitting heavy emissions with their death traps. I had been planning on purchasing one for my wife. Maybe the CCs are not polluting as much as the other cars. Jaye Smooth talks about how Volkswagen tried to kill him by forcing him to pay a car note. Jaye Smooth has had several cars that only a young girl would be okay riding in.
Kit vs. Jaye Smooth in No Nonsense Trivia.
Jaye Smooth wants to talk about Chinese Food and Restaurants that don’t always use normal meat sources. He feels like rat is an accepted form of meat in a Chinese restaurant. Jaye feels like rat meat is probably much cheaper than chicken. And this is why you can’t eat “just anywhere”.
Next, we talk about Amber Rose and her No Slut Shaming Campaign. Should people be outraged? Isn’t this what the liberal, accept everybody and their differences, agenda wants? Someone in the video says that Amber is an inspiration to his daughter.
Kit has many opinions about what qualifies as a slut and what doesn’t. No one agrees with her.
We discuss the farthest we ever drove for sex. My examples are the closest. I am the only one who stayed in state.
Last we talk about children cursing in front of their parents. Does that make you a progressive parent if you allow your kids to curse? Are you a hypocrite if you don't let them?...


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