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You, Me, and the Baby

You, Me, and the Baby

The No Nonsense Show Episode #591

French Reggy brings in his river rock. We are all underwhelmed.

Jamie Mack wants to put two together and talk about how lying is about to go extinct. In today’s fast paced information age, your business is out before you can tell anyone yourself. Is this leading us towards a Minority Report style of life where cops will come and arrest you before you commit a crime?

Jamie Mack goes back in on pregnant sex. What is wrong with this guy? So what the baby isn’t yours? You kicking a sexy lady out of bed? Some say yes…some say no. Either way, this woman is not disgusting, Mack. And as far as most men go, it’s the three of us.

French Reggy wants to discuss the cultural appropriation hoax.How can black people accuse people of cultural appropriation while simultaneously living a life of appropriation?

You, Me, and the Baby #TNNS591

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