You are currently viewing You Can Hit My Wife, But Don’t Hit Me #TNNS167

You Can Hit My Wife, But Don’t Hit Me #TNNS167

You Can Hit My Wife, But Don’t Hit Me #TNNS167

Fight Threshold
Forcing racists to speak to you
Wife in a fair one
Doing time for your woman

First of all, fighting is bad. BUT… we discuss the silliness of fighting. Has anyone else had an experience where a much smaller or much bigger person wanted to fight you? What is your fight threshold? Are you willing to be the bigger person and just walk away if you know the other person can’t beat you? By the same token, if you couldn't possibly win a fight are you willing to back down? Just for the record, fighting your husband and/or wife is wrong. Fighting your kids or your parents is wrong. This is exclusively about fighting on the street. Jaye Smooth wants to know who would win between me and Jamie Mack.

Jaye Smooth wants to fight a man at work. Reason why? Because he is white and does not acknowledge Jaye Smooth in the hallway. He recognizes that his options are to go to HR to report him for racism or catch him away from work. Guess which one he picks?

We have two call in topics this week. The first is whether or not we are jumping into a fight between your woman and another woman. The fight is fair, but your woman is getting handled. Do you jump in? Jaye Smooth will, but if the other woman hits him, DUN DUN DUN!

The second call in topic asks us what we would do if our wife committed a crime that gets her sentenced to 10 years in prison. If the judge gave you the option, would you do the time for her?...


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