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You Are Only Free To Speak If I Like, Or Agree, With What You Are Speaking #TNNS51

B Honest airs out his grievance with the Serial podcast. Although it was one of the best podcasts ever produced, it has weaknesses.

Did you ever imagine replacing your parents with another set of parents? What about when you were a kid? What about your kids? Do you think they would pick you if they had a choice? Put away your switch and belt and listen to Jaye Smooth worry, out loud, about which one of his kids would come back to him.

Most of us believe that our kids would pick us. However, most of us would change our parents out. So what does that really tell us? Considering we would opt for new parents, maybe our kids would do the same.

We discuss differences in white and black parents. Does being raised by a white parent give you more confidence when dealing with authority in the world?

If you believe in freedom of speech, you will want to hear the segment on this. Oddly enough more members of the show don’t want freedom of speech. This quickly devolves to a battle about duality and the existence of good and evil.

B Honest and Jamie Mack go at it on this topic. Leaving nothing on the table, they sweat it out and coincidentally end up in the same place as the serial podcast…no better than when they started.

Why is it that when any conversation leads to one about religion, it turns into a bloody argument? I think it is because religious people aren’t willing to question anything about their religion publicly. Oh sure, they question all sorts of things in their head. But they can never let anyone else know that they are also questioning the personal value they place on religion. As if that would be betraying God. Everybody knows that…

He sees you when you’re sleeping,

He knows when your awake,

He knows when you’ve been bad or good,

So stop ****ing around and pay your tithes....


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