Yes Means Yes Unless You Say No Before You Fall Asleep #TNNS174 with guest, Hooch and Damari

Yes Means Yes Unless You Say No Before You Fall Asleep #TNNS174 with guest, Hooch and Damari

Yes means no means maybe
Relationship hiatus
Don't bet me about your girl

Consent is really big when it comes to sex. So what are the rules if you are given permission and then the woman passes out? Is it okay to still hit? Of course not, right? Grey area alert If I ask to borrow your car and you initially say yes…Why would I need to wake you up to ask again? We discuss the ins and outs of consensual in and out.

Next up we talk about a situation where your woman, someone very close to you, asks you for permission to take some time off from your relationship to find her true north. 3 - 6 months should do. And in this time, there are no rules. She understands that you may meet someone else and is willing got risk it to have a chance to recalibrate. Is this something that you can live with? Unorthodox, maybe. Scary, definitely. But is this any different than asking your wife to accept something as untraditional as a sister wife? Does the male ego play a part in this? Could something like this work or are relationships to fragile to last through this type of pressure?

Last, Jaye Smooth recalls a situation where he calls up one of his ex-girlfriends on the phone. Her new boyfriend intercepts the call and fusses, cusses, and yells at Jaye Smooth. He then tells him to stop calling his girl and that he will never hit it again. Our resident hound takes this challenger personally and waits until the new boyfriend is away in a firmly emergency. He takes us through his rationale of why this was a big deal and why you shouldn’t make promises about your girl....


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