You are currently viewing Yes, That Dress Makes You Look Fat (Podcast Party) #TNNS208

Yes, That Dress Makes You Look Fat (Podcast Party) #TNNS208

Yes, That Dress Makes You Look Fat (Podcast Party) #TNNS208

Part 2 of the Podcast Party and we open up talking about how Jaye Smooth and O Dubb do not like women. I mean they like to be with them physically, but don’t really care for them other than that. Somewhere along the line, he and Dubb developed resentment towards the fairer sex. Maybe this is why most of his statements are homoerotic.

Now to the live event, we start off talking about how sexy we will allow our women to dress. So I am the only woman that wants my woman in a burka?

We venture into the dangerous territory of telling your girl the truth when she asks you questions like “Do I look fat in this?” The fans get into this topic and come to the mic.

Touching on nerves is part of what our show does naturally. For this topic, we get under Jamie Mack’s skin. We want to know what would make you stay if you actually saw your significant other sexing someone down. We aren’t sure if Jamie Mack was drunk or just overwhelmed by the tag-teaming of me and Jaye Smooth.

Another funny year comes to a close. We have been going two years strong and can’t wait for the next podcast party. Hopefully by next year, Jaye Smooth will be able to end the show with the proper outro....


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