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Wrangler Vs True Religion? Jamie Mack Picks Wrangler #TNNS63

Jaye Smooth starts off the show with Friendly advice. Obviously, his advice is “do as he says, not as he does”. With further research, we reveal that this is all hypocrisy and all of the things he gives advice on are things he will settle for in sexual relationships.

This week’s No Nonsense Trivia is between Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth. Can you guess who wins? In most cases, this continues to be an exercise in futility. Will we ever expose Jaye Smooth to the worlds mysteries?

Jamie Mack starts this episode off talking about people having an addiction to drama. Is this a real addiction? How is this addiction similar to a drug addiction? In most cases isn't this a choice? We have the ability to place ourselves in positions that create a dramatic lifestyle.

Of course Jaye Smooth has a friend that always has something going on. He thinks that this person walks toward this with open arms and then has a reason to need consoling.

Jamie Mack moves us along to not being caught up in the hype of fashion, brands, and keeping up with the Jones’s. How important is it for you to fit in with the latest trend? Are you willing to spend above your means to make a fashion statement? Since the civil rights movement, it seems like black people have decided to prove they aren’t broke by showing you how much they can spend on their outfit or car.

At the end of the day, if you own Coach flip flops but pay rent to an apartment complex, kill yourself.

Next Jaye Smooth wants to talk about the epidemic of people speculating why a person dies. Apparently, he constantly experiences people in his life playing county coroner. His example is that when people die, he sees everyone giving their cause of death.

I’m not sure that is truly an epidemic. Maybe Jaye Smooth needs to hang out with new people....


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