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Would You Like Some Spit With Your Hamburger? #TNNS68 With our guest, Redd

I start off this Episode talking about the representatives of black people on social media. It is hard to find an intelligent, reasonable, well adjusted, articulate, rep. In most cases, we only get one of the extremes. Not that I want any other race of people to feel comfortable around me, but I do want to feel like the people that represent me are like me.

This week we are trying something a little different with No Nonsense Trivia. Jaye Smooth has asked for spelling because, in his words, he is like Akeelah and the Bee. I am still not sure how he is like both of those things. But hey, this is Jaye Smooth we are talking about.

Lashá sends in more words of inaccuracy. She wants to challenge a question a previous trivia segment. Even though the question was “How many Primary colors are there?” She wants to challenge what the primary colors are. I don’t agree. But I will agree to be even. There are two accepted models depending on which model you choose to use. So because of this RGB and RYB are acceptable. Now if we have a question about what the three primary colors are….Maybe you have some weight. Until then…

Next, we discuss spending lots of money on things regardless of importance. Is there any sensibility in spending hundreds or thousands on a pair of jeans? Why do you absolutely have the newest iPhone every time one is released? What does it really say about us if we can afford Gucci pants, but live in an apartment?

Jamie Mack wants to bring up the topic of thinking a situation is better than it turns out to be. His example is having sex with a mother and daughter team. At first glance, this would seem like a freaky thing to try. But once in the middle of the situation, does the idea that these two people are committing incest bother you at all?

Next Jaye Smooth struggles with speaking and not saying the word “right”. He wants to talk about people messing with your food at fast food restaurants. It seems that everyone has tampered with people’s food at some point in their life except for me. Come to B Honest’s Restaurant and get quality and clean food. Otherwise, you eat at your own risk....


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