Would You Die For Me?…Uhhh #TNNS446

Would You Die For Me?…Uhhh #TNNS446

Would You Die For Me?…Uhhh #TNNS446
The No Nonsense Show

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Episode #446

French Reggy and Smooth are back together on the same episode. First time in three weeks. And do you think the show is better? Ehhhhh. We talk turkey day and some other nonsense. 

Jamie Mack wants to know if we would date a woman with a tattoo of another man’s name. Can you take her seriously? Smooth can. He happens to know many strong willed, hard working, good future bound women who were also capable at one point of making the decision to tattoo a dude’s name across her breasts. 

During our Question The Nonsense a question came up that sparked another “EVENT”. Once in a while, our show exposes the reality of life. It’s ugly, it’s cold, it’s real. And we can’t edit it. French Reggy extends himself too far. I can’t put it in the notes. You have to listen.

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