The Worst Person To Teach Your Kid About Sex #TNNS363

Episode #363
Jaye Smooth uses this opportunity to throw shade at French Reggy. He misses his second show bemuse he is in Haiti trying to change lives. Jaye Smooth finally gets his opportunity to hate Reggy from a safe space. HE quickly changes focus to Jamie Mack and his hair or lack thereof. I am the only host…matter fact the only one of my friends that has a head full of hair. Then the hair isn't very gray. I’m young for my age. Either that or black really does crack.
Who the hell let Jaye Smooth teach their kid about sex? Apparently, his church did. He was in charge of the church’s sex ed course. Did they do any type of background check at all? I wonder if he talked about choking and cheating? He has to be the worst person to teach your kids about anything…especially sex.
Jamie and Jaye didn't watch The State Of The Union. So I had to relay info to them. This is what is wrong with the new world. No one wants to learn from the context. They just want the highlights. So if I give them my opinion, they get my spin. What I really wanted to talk about was whether or not we can truly fund lower class mobility and immigrants. the Democrats are saying we can. The Republicans are saying that we can’t I want to know how the laymen like us think. ...


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