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Working Harder To Live Less

The No Nonsense Show Episode #635

Jaye Smooth can't get into heaven. It was written. Can sinners get in no matter their sin? These wishy washy Christians just change all the rules to fit them. If all is good in the world and Smooth gets in, maybe we shouldn't want to.

Life Balance is probably the most important thing you need to invest time into correcting. Most of us walk around in a sleep state because we don't get enough sleep. Guilty! Most of us work far more than 40 hours per week to positively effect someone else's bottom line. With so few summers left in our lives, can we work on the balance and come out on top?

Mack is okay with pretending he is on the spectrum to get a job. This makes us investigate whether or not all of us are on the specturm.

Working Harder To Live Less #TNNS635

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