At Work, I Promise To Do Enough To Get By #TNNS306

At Work, I Promise To Do Enough To Get By #TNNS306

My birthday has come around once again. It’s funny how fast the years pass by these days. One year closer to my million dollar idea. Jamie Mack thinks I am downplaying my birthday. Maybe I am. Let’s move on.

Jamie Mack wants to delve into manipulation. Is there good manipulation? I have manipulated my kids into being my chore slaves. I have manipulated women into liking me (don’t front we all have…women do it too). As humans, we are experts at manipulation. Jamie Mack is trying to make sure he is still a good guy even if he manipulates people around him. I say yes.

A dad on Facebook Live tells a story of his daughter being caught up in a sex trafficking sting. The other hosts think it is pretty much the young lady’s fault. As much as I didn’t want to support this dad, I was forced to side with reason. Considering Atlanta is the capital of child sex trafficking, I may have a sensitivity to this problem. Either way, the man kills it all by invoking Jesus. Oh Damn! Why didn’t Jesus keep your daughter out of the whole thing?

I recently underwent my yearly annual performance review period. Ever since coming back to corporate America, there is nothing I hate more than my review. It isn’t enough that I have to clock in 4 days a week and work this job. I also have to fight to prove I deserve a raise every year? There is one attribute that really grinds my gears. Innovation. Are you kidding me? Do you really think you pay me enough to innovate? Tell that story to the next guy. I promise to do enough to get by....


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