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Women, Men’s Greatest Possession

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Women, Men’s Greatest Possession

The No Nonsense Show Episode #594

One more Premium episode for everyone. Happy Memorial Day, again!

We learn the proper way of saying Haiti. This whole time we have been approaching the letters incorrectly. Either that or French Reggy is bad at all languages.

KallTyrone guest stars on the show for the sole purpose of Fattening Jaye Smooth up.  Jaye Smooth is not satisfied with the initial results and forces a round two.

Jamie Mack wants to know how dedicated we are to our women? Does that dedication last above a cousin or family member having sex with your woman at some time in the past? Now most people recognize that their woman has previous bodies. But if one of those bodies shares blood with you, is it easier or harder to accept this?

What we end up talking about is being overly possessive. Can you be overly possessive? Are we all possessive? Are all men possessive? One of our hosts has pulled out  pistol in a fit of possessive rage. Does you’re mine really mean MINE?

Women, Men’s Greatest Possession #TNNS594

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