Women Make Less But Double Standards Justify It #TNNS308

Women Make Less But Double Standards Justify It #TNNS308

Jamie Mack has decided to be as open as possible with his kids and let the chips fall where they may. He allowed his kids to make lists of things that they are uncomfortable with that they have seen around the house. This list included racy text messages from Mack to his wife and late night door locks. He has opened a can of worms this time. By the way, who the hell ever had a can of worms; and then opened it to come up with this saying?

French Reggy is feeling bad for women. That is his first problem. You can't ever feel bad for the enemy. He doesn't understand why women don't make as much as men for doing the same job. Sure, there is an argument that since women have to take off for things like maternity leave, they should make less to offset this type of thing. I'm not sure how much sense this makes, but I have a theory. Double standards plague this world. Why should we allow this to be any different?

I can't imagine pretending that I did something just to be approved my parole board. OJ was arrogant at his hearing and I agree. If I didn't do it, miss me with the want for remorse. You should be glad I did the time that I did. My co-hosts are willing to slide up and down whatever pole you put in front of them just to get a taste of the outside life.

Our listener feedback is about the girl from a previous show who was saved by her dad while selling sex. He opines that the girl more than likely did it intentionally. This is an angle we didn't consider last week. However, it is a valid one. Many young women do enter into sex work by choice. He wonders if I would allow my daughters to bring this desire to the table and speak to me about it.

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