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If This Is Woke, I’m Staying Sleep #TNNS259

If This Is Woke, I’m Staying Sleep #TNNS259

I am sad to say that “I Told You So” but the Falcons have done it to me once again. I tried to hate them but Jamie Mack begged me to support these birds again. I ended up having a big get together at my house and because of that had to pay to watch the hometown die a horrible death. Jaye Smooth showed up in paraphernalia from head to toe. Then he snuck out of the house before anyone could see his response to losing so horribly after bragging so enthusiastically.

Jamie Mack feels like southerners are more friendly than people from any other region. Also, he is shocked that the south is not anti-black. He really believed that black people were still one step away from slavery.

We have @KallTyrone from the Brown Liquor Experience Podcast on to chop it up with us. Being a southerner as well gives him the perfect perspective to join in on this topic. Then he battles Jaye Smooth in No Nonsense trivia.

It seems like the new trend for black people is to be “woke”. Everyone is sleep shaming each other. Don’t enjoy your life even though it is almost over, they say. We really want you to buckle down and learn how inferior you are base don the WASP perspective of human existence, they say. That being said, our slack room has become a battleground for woke and unwoke alike. We have to call this out. Even if you aren’t in the slack room and don’t know the people we are speaking of, we are sure you have a relative, coworker, or barbershop personality that gives you a weekly dose of wokeness.

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