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Will Johnny Ever Grow To Be Known As JOHN? #NNS10

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Will Johnny Ever Grow To Be Known As JOHN? #NNS10

Today’s show I talk about Ndamukong Suh’s suspension or lack of suspension. Is this the kind of whimpification that’s destroying the NFL?  Lets discuss how this could have simply been an accident. Have you ever had your feet go numb? I disagree with most of the so called experts as seen on ESPN’s First Take including Brian Dawkins.

The Cleveland Browns organization is a complete dumpster fire. Johnny Football brings the gas, and Josh Gordon the match. What’s going to become of these two players? One that we know can play in the NFL, and one who thinks he can. Let the offseason begin… Party at John’s.

Is Rex Ryan coming to the ATL? I sure hope so and discuss why I think thats the best thing that could happen to the Falcons.

Does LeBron have the Cav’s best interest at heart? How long will he allow David Blatt to coach him?? And would he leave Cleveland a second time? I discuss his options.

JJ Watt for MVP? he has my vote and I explain why.

Plus much more…

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