You are currently viewing My Wife Can Leave Me For Someone She Loves More #TNNS249

My Wife Can Leave Me For Someone She Loves More #TNNS249

My Wife Can Leave Me For Someone She Loves More #TNNS249

We talk about our New Year’s experiences. Another year has passed and the nonsense has worsened…or gotten better. Jaye Smooth called me at 8 PM to wish me Happy New Year. He is looking for any edge to make sure I know he is a good friend. Jaye Smooth wants to form a better relationship with Jamie Mack this year.

On to his topic, Jaye Smooth wants to know if you can die from a broken heart. Jamie Mack takes it another direction and starts off our first serious argument of the year. He hijacks the topic and wants to know if you could let your wife go if she found someone else that she has fallen in love with. Tempers flare and we take this much farther than it should have gone. I sit by myself on this one and may be the only romantic person on the show. We don’t come to an agreement but in light of this show ever ending we just cut it off and bring on our guest.

Neauxshit joins us for “That is not how that ish sounds” Jaye Smooth proves that he cannot contain himself when around women.

Next, we take calls displaying pick up experiences from our female listeners. We rate the creepy from the cool. You will probably be surprised by our opinions on this matter. In all honesty, this is probably why many times our advances come off as creepy. We fail to communicate on the same wavelength....


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