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Why Wouldn’t You Take The Plea #TNNS74

Jamie Mack starts the show off with Friendly Advice. Bald head game for the men who are getting those bumps when shaving. He also offers known driving etiquette. Never stop all traffic to let someone enter traffic especially when you are in front of Jamie Mack.
Jaye Smooth wants to talk about the APS teachers and their sentences. Do you feel like the sentences were equal to the crimes? Does your perspective change if your kid is one of the dumb ones that was getting helped along?

Next Jamie Mack wants to discuss morals. If you found a money bag with one million dollars inside would you return it to the name and address on the label or keep it? If you are saying to yourself that you would keep the money, how would you feel if it were you that had lost the bag?

Jamie Mack wants to know if there is such a thing as bad vagina. During Jamie Mack’s Birds and Bees talk with his father, he was set up to believe that all vagina is the same. I insert that is it okay to be with a woman that has had 10 kids? Is the vaginal elasticity rumor true? Can it snap back to original form?...


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