Why Didn’t I Get Molested In School? #TNNS391

Episode #391

French Reggy has a big reveal. Or is it a nice reveal? Either way, he is touching himself a lot these days. No, it isn't because of the dry spell that Jaye Smooth is joking him about. Regardless, he feels like it is therapeutic for him. He makes better decisions throughout his day. I feel like people should ejaculate all the time. At least once a day. Jaye Smooth is not impressed. He has been doing this his entire life. And since he doesn't watch porn, he sets up in front of a sexy wall and imagines god knows what.

ALERT ALERT Jamie Mack is making another major life change. He is now living the keto life. He watched yet another food documentary and the sky is falling. The reduction of carbs and increase in fat should serve him well. I just wonder if making all of the changes causes issues too.

Jaye Smooth finds a news story of yet another woman teacher that has molested a kid. How and why does this keep happening? French Reggy and I feel like this is disgusting and deplorable. Jaye Smooth pretends to. However, Jamie Mack thinks it is a badge of honor...which allows Jaye Smooth to come out of the closet. In actuality, Jaye Smooth is upset that no teacher ever considered him molestable....


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