You are currently viewing Why Descendants Of Slaves Shouldn’t Receive Reparations #TNNS124 with Odubb

Why Descendants Of Slaves Shouldn’t Receive Reparations #TNNS124 with Odubb

Smoothie Revolt
Jaye and his new friend
Slave owner reparations

Jaye Smooth’s First Smoothie, La’Sha calls in to catch us up. She seems to be losing faith in Jaye Smooth. She now sees that he only has one speed when it comes to loving. He is always sticking his chest out to take attention away from his weak stroke game.
O Dubb joins us and argues with Jaye Smooth about whether women can get chapped mouth from oral sex.
During a RareSonance Podcast Network outing, Jaye Smooth made friends with a Saints fan and got very touchy-feely. Once the Falcons started losing, the new friend came back to hug and take selfies with Jaye Smooth.
O Dubb wants to discuss reparations to slave owners. He feels that is is completely wrong for the slave owners to receive anything considering that the slaves and their ancestors never received any money for their labor. Jamie Mack and I use this opportunity to troll O Dubb and get him pretty upset. We even figured out how much O Dubb would be worth if he were a slave.

As usual, the ADD in the room gets us to the topic of religion. Oh Well, No Nonsense!!!



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