You are currently viewing Why Aren’t There Any Baby Pictures Of Black Jesus? #TNNS239

Why Aren’t There Any Baby Pictures Of Black Jesus? #TNNS239

Why Aren’t There Any Baby Pictures Of Black Jesus? #TNNS239

Jaye Smooth traveled Atlanta’s streets for most of the holiday...Dipping in and out of people’s houses...Spreading his seeds of good tidings like a black Santa Claus. Thank god he is now the “New Jaye Smooth” or else he may have been spreading other kinds of seeds.

Jamie Mack played poker over the holiday and found out that he was luckier than he was good. Now he wants to ask us which is more valuable. Good seems mediocre to me. Lucky is once in a lifetime. Which would you rather be?

We try out the music trivia once again. Jamie Mack is at the helm this time.

Jamie Mack is a little concerned with the new law passed in the UK allowing the Government to intentionally keep internet search and navigation stats for all of their citizens for three years. Isn’t big brother already watching anyway? At some point, you have to just live your life. Or maybe we should rebel.

Speaking of that…How many revolutionaries really want a revolution? Once the system is toppled, who is going to support your grandmother’s 4k a month prescription? Didn’t think that far ahead, huh?

Finally, we have proof that Jesus is white? I have seen baby pictures. He is definitely white or at least white-ish. All jokes aside, how do you feel about the whitewashing of Africa in movies? Does it bother you that white people are playing Egyptians in movies? How do you know how Pharaohs looked anyway? I call BS!!!...


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