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Why Are Dudes Always Controlling #TNNS65

With Guest Kit


Jaye Smooth is dying to start the show with Friendly Advice. It seems like all of Jaye Smooth’s friendly advice is not so friendly. It brings up the question of whether or not Jaye likes women. I am not talking about in a sexual way, I am talking about misogyny. Using an example like hail damage to describe cellulite on a woman’s leg may be evidence of this.


Kit battles Jaye Smooth at No Nonsense Trivia. Jaye Smooth continues to think not knowing is cool. Reminds me of him in high school.


Jaye Smooth’s co-worker and my arch nemesis submits the topic of whether or not there is a difference between a man being a leader and a man being controlling in his relationship. Jaye Smooth looks up the word controlling and spirals into a hilarious explanation of his stance on the issue. The trouble is that he doesn’t know that it is hilarious.

But seriously this issue is very important and ends up being the topic for the entire show. Where is the line when it comes to crossing over from being a good leader to being a controlling husband or boyfriend.

Taking the lead and being in control is different than being controlling. But what happens if the woman in the relationship is not willing to give up control? Does the man need to be controlling in this situation or find another woman? On the same token, should a woman give up control to any man who shows up? Or is there a process to allow control to be given up a little at a time?...


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