You are currently viewing Whose Nightstick I Gotta Suck To Get This Ticket Reduced? #TNNS114

Whose Nightstick I Gotta Suck To Get This Ticket Reduced? #TNNS114

How to: get your ticket reduced
Lose your dignity or lose a fight
Chivalry is worth a thousand likes

Jaye Smooth starts the show off talking about his encounter with the cops. While driving to Virginia, he was caught speeding and feared for his life when asked to step out of the car.
Jaye was invited to sit beside the cop in the front seat of his cruiser. Now we don't know what happened inside the car, but when Jaye Smooth emerged, he had taken over 10MPH and 100 dollars off of his ticket. Good work Jaye Smooth.
Next Jamie Mack wants to discuss which of us would rather degrade ourselves on camera as opposed to getting beat down. We play a clip of a man running up on someone who “disrespected” him on Facebook and forcing him to profess his bitch-ness. We split on which is the option for us. Is is okay to forever lose your dignity publicly? Is it okay to take a butt whooping on camera?
Last we discuss another internet Captain Saver. Some light skin dude tells a story about running up on a woman pumping her own gas while her man sits comfortably in the passenger seat of the car. Kit joins us to discuss if this is okay. How do you guys feel about a man checking your man in front of you?
What jobs are men supposed to be responsible for? What is the line or limit?...


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