You are currently viewing Who’s Paying For Penis Pics? #TNNS121 with guest Snowflake

Who’s Paying For Penis Pics? #TNNS121 with guest Snowflake

Jamie Mack Starts the show off talking about banks hitting rock bottom and not giving you access to your money. Where are you keeping your money? I will just reroute my money to a physical check and use the liquor store.

We read listener interaction.

Next Jamie Mack and I go head to head in Jaye Smooth Trivia. The dumbest trivia segment we have ever had. Please send us feedback on whether Jaye should keep coming up with questions.

Jaye Smooth talks to us about his homework assignment to find three new porn genres. He will obviously never come clean and tell us what types of things he is interested in.

Next, we talk about a girl on Twitter that sent a video to a guy for money. The internet went crazy calling her all kinds of names. Is this just more evidence of the sensitivity police touting their righteousness? We ask Snowflake what types of things she would do for money. Jamie mack would send everyone pics (including men) for $2K.

Last we discuss What we think women want and what they really want when it comes to sex. Oddly enough, most of us agree with women. Well, Jaye Smooth is always borderline Rapey.



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