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Who The Hell Is Watching Your Money?

The No Nonsense Show Episode #569

We dig deeper into French Reggy's trip with his "friend". Little did we know that Smooth would tell on himself for a time that he missed the show. He said he was taking his daughter on vacation. Actually, he took a woman on vacation in order to do a threesome. How do you think that turned out?

They bring up women with pubic hair again and I show them a video of a woman that had a major bush, yet all of them were smitten with her. No one would make her cut that hair. The issue is that thus far everyone was choosing ugly women with pubic hair. I brought a video of a pretty woman and now they changed their song.

French Reggy brings up a book that predicted the Corona Virus. I have to admit this Dean Koontz novel painted a very detailed description of the virus. Maybe we have some shadow situation here. I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories, but this one is solid.

Jaye Smooth wants to discuss workplace quirks. Is it normal to create perks when you don't have good perks?

One perk of having a Primerica Investment Account is that Jaye Smooth will fight a person over the legitimacy and quality of the money manager. As I begin asking French Reggy to talk about his money manager, Smooth starts a dumpster fire to distract Reggy. French has no idea if his money manager is doing a good job. Smooth doesn't want him to know. Who the hell is watching your money?

Who The Hell Is Watching Your Money? #TNNS569

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