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White Man Singing in a Black Man’s Choir

Black On Both Sides
White Man Singing in a Black Man's Choir

Episode #65 Kunta spent time in Ohio and it’s safe to say he won’t be moving there any time soon. Besides the unremarkable white women, the cities are drab and seem to have no future. 

D Wade comes out and speaks up for the pride he has for his son. Is this for the good of all or the love of his family?

Mayor Pete turned heads when he made an off-brand racial comment about black people’s influences. To battle that  he tries to repair the infraction by doing what any non-aware white person does…he goes to a church and sings with the choir. Will this gain him black votes?

Bloomberg is up front and spending money on ads. But what is he? Democrat, Republican, indie? Unelectable like every other Democratic front runner, if you ask me. If you even consider him a front runner. 

Trump tried to absolve himself from Rudy’s wrongdoings. Will this be enough to keep him in the seat? Trump won’t even show up at the impeachment hearings. Do innocent people hide from the stand? Maybe. 

Nonetheless, Kunta feels like a payment is coming. But not from Trump. WE will be left with the bag. Humanity will pay and it may be at the hands of a slow moving blob over the White House. 

White Man Singing in a Black Man’s Choir #BOBS065

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  1. Twantwizzle

    Mayor Pete is mayor of south bend indiana which is home of Norte dame. Which is already have very poor experience with treating black people. And he has handled a lot of race issue very poorly which why most black people don’t support him.

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