You are currently viewing White Girl Eyes And The Tingle Of Toe Rape #TNNS223

White Girl Eyes And The Tingle Of Toe Rape #TNNS223

White Girl Eyes And The Tingle Of Toe Rape #TNNS223

O Dubb updates us on the current status of his love triangle…But not before trying to throw me under the bus. For some reason, my closest friends are constantly trying to make me more like them. O Dubb continues the storyline of his battle between pleasing two women. Our own personal soap opera. The slack room wants Lil Bit to get her key back. But it doesn’t seem like this is going to happen.

Jamie Mack admits to wanting to fight kids. And honestly, the kid in this story probably deserves it. Some teenager is using his yard as a cut through. Jamie Mack wants to meet him at the back door and give him a two piece snack. So the question for the show is what age is your cutoff to beat up a kid? Is it age related or size related?

Jamie Mack also almost killed two young pedestrians because they were taking their time to get across the street. Young people should be able to walk faster. Jamie Mack allowed them to live because the black guy had a white girl…and Jamie Mack has respect for white girl eyes. Especially when being viewed from the giving head position.

Lastly,  Jamie Mack wants to discuss the value of penis to vagina. Yes, we have discussed this before but not quite like this. If you had to purchase stock in one or the other, which one are you purchasing? O Dubb wants to make sure his woman is pleased whether she likes it or not. He licks everything including toes….whether she wants it or not....


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