I Whip My Beard Back And Forth #TNNS334

I Whip My Beard Back And Forth #TNNS334

Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth are back. Well, Jamie Mack is just back to the same old. He starts the show off trying to explain why he wasn't here for last week's shows. But he has trouble finding the words. Just know that he missed the listeners very much.

On to French Reggy's topic. He has noticed that men are starting to take better care of themselves and in turn have begun doing things only women would have done in the past. How long will it be before men are getting a weave? Too late.What about implants? Too late. What about Lace fronts? Man, he witnessed someone getting a lace front beard in the barber shop. Now he is mesmerized by the possibilities. I realize that I am the only host on our show that isn't follically challenged. Perhaps the whole crew could benefit from some yaki number 27.


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