Where Two Or More Are Gathered #TNNS458

Where Two Or More Are Gathered #TNNS458

It's PREMIUmmhhm... Episode #458

French Reggy still can't talk hold notes. Jaye Smooth still needs a life coach. Mack and I are just along for the ride today.

Mack feels like the worst part of social media and today's internet allows weirdos to feel like they have support. Back in our day, you might be weird in Seattle but since no one else was weird in the neighborhood, you thought you were alone and kept your weirdness to yourself. Now the weird dude in Houston is surprisingly just like you. Where two or more are gathered...

French Thinks the curse on black people is almost over. Soon Black Girl Magic will just be Black Magic. Uhh Ohh...That's already a thing. Moving on, God said somewhere in the bible that there is a 400 year curse on us. And now we are dawning the age of a new era.

Temptation Island and The Nonsense Crew. Which of us would be able to remain faithful?


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