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Where Trust Comes to Die

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Where Trust Comes to Die

The No Nonsense Show Episode #789

French feels like WWIII is on the brink of explosion. How can you blame him? It looks as though the world is about to witness some sort of reckoning. One universally important issue is that most of us don’t know what the hell to believe. It is no longer possible to use common sense or morality to decide if information you are receiving is accurate. There is an incredible amount of misinformation and disinformation. The people who we have been told to trust have been caught lying time and time again. And here we are with a new war on the horizon and you can’t believe what anyone is saying. Both sides are calling the other terrorists. To be honest, they both kind of are. We certainly don’t condone terrorism. But who gets to decide what terrorism is? And can you complain about terrorism and then do terroristic things and still expect global support? You rememebr when you could turn on the news and get a run down of the days events? Remember how you used to trust that…and the people they had on? I don’t think there is one trustworthy non-agenda medium left. America and the year 2023 has become the place where trust comes to die.

Mack wants a prenup with a weighty proposal. His spouse can not weigh more than ____. He didn’t actually do this. But he does support it. When you have been married, you do understand that people stop trying as hard once they know that you are going to stay. So get it together or lose me, he says!

Where Trust Comes to Die #TNNS789

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