Where The Eff Is Jaye Smooth? #TNNS294

Where The Eff Is Jaye Smooth? #TNNS294

Spoiler Alert. Where the hell has Jaye Smooth been for the past 10 episodes? Believe it or not, a couple of people wanted to know. No Jamie Mack didn’t peel him like a grape and dispose of the body in acid. No, he hasn’t been hiding because he went to the gym and saw a white guy with a bigger package than him in the locker room. Nothing like that. The early part of the show is dedicated to letting you know (especially you smoothies) where in the world he has been.

We try to sprinkle a little show in behind that. We go through our listener submissions and emails. Something we learn today. Jamie Mack has performed thousands of vasectomies while working in the medical field.

Jamie Mack knows of a guy that is 0% gay but has tendencies that get him picked on. What is it about black men that makes them feel the need to overcompensate their masculinity. What makes some guys pick on other guys who seem to be less masculine than them?

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