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When A Catch, Not Being A Catch, Is The Right Thing #NNS12

No Nonsense Sports
No Nonsense Sports
When A Catch, Not Being A Catch, Is The Right Thing #NNS12

On today’s show, I introduce two new segments. I am constantly having random thoughts and just wanted to let you into my mind. So the first new segment is “Random Thought Of The Week”. The second segment highlights my Fantasy Basketball League. Every week I will be bringing The MOW (Monster Of The Week) from my league onto the show to discuss their point of view.

During my NFL segment I break down the playoffs and championship games. But most importantly, I get into the phantom catch by Dez Bryant. By every angle it is obvious that possession of the ball was not maintained. So why are the Cowboys up in arms?

Next I discuss what the difference will be between winning and losing for all four teams. And in this, I will let you know who i am rooting for and against.

I discuss the NCAA’s overwhelming success with the College Football playoffs! I don’t think they should change a thing and that this is what fans have been waiting for for YEARS!

I breakdown how dominant the Buckeyes were and what Cardell Jones should do next.

Can Someone please tell me where Lebron popped up from? Excellent photo op!

We will get into the KG vs Dwight Howard slap boxing match.

I will also tell you who is the best team in the NBA right now. I will give you a hint about my Finals prediction. My pick for the best team is also my pick for the NBA Champions.

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