What To Do When Your Ratchet Chick Finds Jesus #TNNS158

What To Do When Your Ratchet Chick Finds Jesus #TNNS158

What To Do When Your Ratchet Chick Finds Jesus #TNNS158

Nasty Habits
Hide your kids
Born Again Bae

Jamie Mack blows his nose in the shower. Not grossed out yet? He uses his hand as tissue. Still okay? He does it in front of his wife. I can’t go any further. He thinks that this is evidence that he married the right one. He wants us to admit to nasty things that we do to prove our women’s love for us.
We listen to a BTG voicemail and Jaye Smooth backs up his special needs stance on last Tuesday’s show.

A guy creates a fake Facebook page. He befriends your girls pretending to be a 15 year old boy and convinces her to meet him. Sound scary yet? This is a test that was played out in front of cameras. Jaye Smooth just saw this on video and wants to bring it to the table. All along the parents of the young girl are in on the test. They are all hoping that their daughters are smarter than this and will not meet up with the guy. Nope! Invites to the house, Meet them at the playground. And even getting into unmarked vans. These girls let their parents down every time. How would your kid play this? We move this into a blast session against Jaye Smooth and his daughter's social media presence. Jaye Smooth really believes that he can keep his daughter away from all of this nonsense. He also thinks that she will not have a boyfriend until she is 24.

Last we answer a listener question. Imagine the woman that you are used to slutting out becoming born again. No more buck fifties to the face (whatever that means). Our caller, Lord Snooty wants to know how we would handle this. For once I agree more with Jaye Smooth than I do with Jamie Mack. Sometimes you have to be surgical in these types of situations and Jamie Mack has no finesse in his game. Lord Snooty, good luck with this one!...


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